Kanji Studio products New “Fujin and Raijin”

風神(fūjin / ふうじん / Japanese god of the wind),
雷神(raijin / らいじん / Japanese god of the thunder)
“風神雷神図屏風” (Wind God and Thunder God Screens) will be engraved on a 500 yen coin issued to commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
So I designed the letter of 風神 and 雷神 on the T-shirt.
The letters used in this T-shirt are in the Fujin and Raijin font of showashotai Corp..
*Note:This design has nothing to do with commemorative coins.

The shape is in “svg format” so you can change the color to your liking.
The English translation of the meaning of kanji can also be customized to your native language.
The product includes an affiliate link.

Print on both sides

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