I live in Sakura city, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
I moved from Tokyo about 10 years ago.
I live happily together with my wife and daughter and sekisei parakeet.

In the city where the atmosphere of the Edo period remains, there is samurai houses.
In autumn, festival will be held grandly.
Moreover, there is a historical circumstance which was actively adopting the medical science of the Netherlands,International exchange with the Netherlands is taking place.
There is a Netherlands windmill as a symbol of friendship between Japan and the Netherlands, and a tulip festival is held in the spring.

* * * * *

Born in Kumamoto, I used to play in nature when I was little.
Also, I doodle at the four corners of textbooks and notes, and my teacher was scolded when the play was over.
I majored in graphic design at university.
After that I have been working on graphic design and web design for about 40 years.
As a next step, I am preparing for presentation and commercialization of the work as a graphic artist.

Works are created in a programming language called PostScript.
PostScript is a page description language and programming language.
It is vector graphics, and the image is beautiful even if it scales.
Just by slightly changing the parameters of the code, colors and shapes that will not be seen will appear. I am very happy at such times.

English is not my mother tongue, so I use translation software. There may be funny sentences.

Toyokazu Nishi 2018.2