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I always thought that I’d be a writer. It was a bit of a shock when, sometime in the middle 1970’s, I realized that I was spending all my time making pictures. For the most part I’ve been doing that ever since.
During the early days of tabletop role-playing games I illustrated magazines, games, and gaming accessories for The Dragon, Alarums & Excursions, Wee Warriors, and Dave Hargrave’s Arduin. Still a teenager, I did all of this work under the pen name Morno…..

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Celtic Art CalendarCeltic Art Calendar

Irish Harp Business Cards, Style 1, Horizontal Business CardIrish Harp Business Cards, Style 1, Horizontal Business Card

Dark Triskele Round ButtonDark Triskele Round Button

Viking's Business CardsViking’s Business Cards

Celtic Trees Design Business CardsCeltic Trees Design Business Cards

Green, Blue, and Gold Celtic Knot Wrapping PaperGreen, Blue, and Gold Celtic Knot Wrapping Paper

Morno's Dice of Fate CalendarMorno’s Dice of Fate Calendar

Celtic Pirate Business CardsCeltic Pirate Business Cards

Silver Pentacle StickersSilver Pentacle Stickers

Amazing Nyarlathotep MugAmazing Nyarlathotep Mug

Knotwork Labrys StickersKnotwork Labrys Stickers

Dark Triskele Business CardsDark Triskele Business Cards

Thor's Hammer MugThor’s Hammer Mug

Thor's Hammer Pendant/Ornament Ceramic OrnamentThor’s Hammer Pendant/Ornament Ceramic Ornament

Green, Blue & Gold Celtic Knotwork BlanketGreen, Blue & Gold Celtic Knotwork Blanket

Chaos Star Pendant/Ornament Ceramic OrnamentChaos Star Pendant/Ornament Ceramic Ornament

Silver Knotwork Pentacle MugSilver Knotwork Pentacle Mug

Thor's Hammer Business CardsThor’s Hammer Business Cards

Ctheltic Cthulhu MugCtheltic Cthulhu Mug

Celtic Art Dragon StickersCeltic Art Dragon Stickers

Knotwork Labrys Round MagnetKnotwork Labrys Round Magnet

Celtic Biohazard Pendant/Ornament Ceramic OrnamentCeltic Biohazard Pendant/Ornament Ceramic Ornament

Silver Pentacle Round MagnetSilver Pentacle Round Magnet

Celtic Harp StickersCeltic Harp Stickers

Triskelion Mandala II Poster (22x28Triskelion Mandala II Poster (22×28″)

Celtic Cat Knots PlacematCeltic Cat Knots Placemat

Dark Triskele StickersDark Triskele Stickers

Celtic Skull & Crossbones StickersCeltic Skull & Crossbones Stickers

Celtic Skull & Biohazard Coffee MugCeltic Skull & Biohazard Coffee Mug

Celtic Trees Design PostcardCeltic Trees Design Postcard

Celtic Skull & Crossbones Playing CardsCeltic Skull & Crossbones Playing Cards

Celtic Skull & Biohazard StickersCeltic Skull & Biohazard Stickers

Red and Gold Celtic Knots PlacematRed and Gold Celtic Knots Placemat

Celtic Art Cats Knotwork BandanaCeltic Art Cats Knotwork Bandana

Celtic Knotwork Biohazard MugCeltic Knotwork Biohazard Mug

Celtic Art Cats Fleece BlanketCeltic Art Cats Fleece Blanket

Red Celtic Knotwork Wrapping PaperRed Celtic Knotwork Wrapping Paper

Celtic Art Cats Celtic Knotwork Wrapping PaperCeltic Art Cats Celtic Knotwork Wrapping Paper

Irish Harp Pendant/Ornament Ceramic OrnamentIrish Harp Pendant/Ornament Ceramic Ornament

Celtic Cross Business CardsCeltic Cross Business Cards

Warm Gold Celtic Knotwork BlanketWarm Gold Celtic Knotwork Blanket

Triskelion Square MagnetTriskelion Square Magnet

Hollow Hill Greeting CardHollow Hill Greeting Card

Celtic Eagles Design PostcardCeltic Eagles Design Postcard

Triskelion Mandala II PostcardTriskelion Mandala II Postcard

Celtic Knotwork Design PostcardCeltic Knotwork Design Postcard

Triskelion Mandala PostcardTriskelion Mandala Postcard

Thor's Hammer Square ButtonThor’s Hammer Square Button

Steely Celtic Biohazard Business CardsSteely Celtic Biohazard Business Cards

Celtic Skull & Biohazard ButtonCeltic Skull & Biohazard Button

Triskelion Round MagnetTriskelion Round Magnet

Golden Pentacle Round MagnetGolden Pentacle Round Magnet

Triskelion Square ButtonTriskelion Square Button

Knotwork Circle Photo Frame Greeting CardKnotwork Circle Photo Frame Greeting Card

Celtic Gryphons Design PostcardCeltic Gryphons Design Postcard

Celtic Cross MugCeltic Cross Mug

Celtic Interlace Panel PostcardCeltic Interlace Panel Postcard

Sun Horse, Moon Horse MugSun Horse, Moon Horse Mug

Knotwork Labrys Square ButtonKnotwork Labrys Square Button

Gaelic Angel ButtonGaelic Angel Button

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