I opened a new store in Zazzle.

It is “Kanji Studio Fruit Jam”.


There are no awful kanji and embarrassing kanji.

There are lots of products using strange kanji around the world.
I do not like that.
So I will introduce you kanji that will be your motto and kanji that will make you happy.

Color changeable with beautiful figures even when scaled.

The shape is “svg format” so you can change it to your favorite color.
Also, because it is “vector graphics”, the image is beautiful even if enlarged.
The English translation of the meaning of kanji is also customizable to your native language.
You can also change the font, size and color. You can change it to your preferred language.
If you do not need it, you can delete it.

You can buy products with confidence.

I mainly use the “Showa shotai” font for products.
(C) 2014 showashotai Corp. All Rights Reserved.

I have acquired an extension license for DESIGN CUTS  that can be used and sold commercially.

Design Cuts Japan
日本初のデザイン素材販売サイトDesign Cutsへようこそ 有料のデザイン素材12個を無料でプレゼント サイト公開後に利用できる最高2,250円分のポイントをプレゼント サイト開設のお知らせを、誰よりも早くゲット
Design Cuts
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The pronunciation of kanji was displayed in hiragana.

I thought how to convey the pronunciation of kanji.
I used Roman letters at first. However, there is a small number of people who can read romaji and stop using it
I made it hiragana.
The pronunciation of Hiragana can be heard here.


Product Description

The four letter idioms introduce their meaning and English translation as much as possible.

* * *
Here are some of the variations of T-shirts.
The color of the T-shirt can be chosen from many colors, and the color of the figure can be made a favorite color.
Please change it to your favorite combination..

Changed the figure color and text color  in a  white tee

Change the figure color and the text color in a light tee

Change the figure color and the text color in a dark tee

Remove the idiom English translation and change the position of the seal.

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