Myka Jelina Fantasy Art


Myka Jelina is a fantasy artist born in North Carolina but currently living in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Her paintings are easily recognized by their eclectic, glossy eyed beauties poised in intricate scenes of gothic, modern and classical adornment. Myka’s artwork draws from the delicate relationships between light, darkness, beauty and balance. Coming as a shock to some, Myka is a painter in the traditional sense, whose favorite painting mediums are acrylic paints and wooden panels. Myka had been selling her paintings online for a couple years when in 2005 the clever, bright eyed beauties began fluttering into places like Hot Topic, Target, Spencer Gifts, Hastings and mom and pop shops worldwide. In recent years her artwork can be found on a myriad of products including collectable figurines, canvas reproductions and many, many others. Thank you for visiting this site and we sincerely hope you enjoy looking at her art. A note from Myka…. “I have been creating art for most of my life and have been creating designs for Zazzle products for many years now. This shop is where you will find tons of really cool products like, t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, and much more. All the images you see here on this site are created from my original paintings. If you have a request for a specific image of mine you would like to see on a product, please feel free to ask. I hope looking through my gallery will brighten your day.” ~Myka Jelina

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