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I started taking recreational art classes after I left my full-time position in retail. I’ve always loved art and volunteered as an art liaison while my children were in school. My friends and classmates suggested I start selling my paintings as prints. I love functional art and decided it would be fun to put some of my paintings on actual products that people can use and visually enjoy. My first endeavor was tote bags. What woman doesn’t love a cute tote? Totes quickly led to adding other collections and just when I think I’ve exhausted ideas another one pops into my head. You can tell I love vivid colors and whimsical designs. I love to look at items in my home that make me smile and I believe my work does that. Most of my paintings tell a personal story and I have an attachment to everything I create. It is a pleasure to share my art and I hope you love my products as much as I do.






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