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Color, Color, Color – I love Color – always have – always will. Once a creative inspiration hits me – I am off and running – obsessed and over the top. Enough is never enough! Painting was my first creative obsession – very large – abstract – expressive oil paintings to be exact. I loved stretching canvas on the wall and creating with oil paint, oil sticks, Damar Varnish and Stand Oil. My paintings were messy, drippy and full of movement and color! In 2005 I purchased a Quaker Church Building in Rubio Iowa. Gardening and Renovations took over the next ten years of my life and my yard became a Living Painting. After ten years of building my gardens I bought my first digital camera. This led me down the path to my current Works of Art where I combine my love of gardening and flowers – through photographs – with my love of designing.






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