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“I slide down into my chair, held in its arms, head resting against the back frame, eyes closed, and lose myself in an artscape of my own design.” Essentially, a retired freelance artist/graphic designer with over 45 years in the Graphic Arts field. A traditionally trained artist in fine art and self taught digital artist as computers began dominating the graphic art field. All artwork is original, subject and style varied for greater appeal with a wide range of imagery, figurative and abstract, classic to contemporary. I work primarily in vector based programs to produce digital artworks with a high quality of printability and rich, saturated color, specifically designed for appropriate product adaptation. My art line has expanded with designs continually added for him, her, them and the family cat. Something for everyone. If you see something you like but not on a specific product, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at Enjoy browsing the shop!








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