PurplePassion for Life™

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Unique illustrations & cartoons designed to create “sticky” impressions. Cartoon Topics: from Business to Psychology, Medical to Love & Marriage, Dogs and Heavenly humor to Aging & Life’s little “aha” moments. My “Advocacy Art”: includes collections against Violence & Oppression of Women, Adoption, Breast Cancer Awareness and Animal Rescue/Adoption. Classic lines with a hint of sophistication & sass. “Passion. Purpose. Pizzazz.”™

PurplePassion for Life™ is a collection of “Advocacy Art” by artist April McCallum of April McCallum designs. All of her art is designed to create “sticky” impressions. The color purple has symbolized domestic violence for over 20 years. The purpose of the PurplePassion for Life™ collection is to raise awareness and draw attention to the global issues of violence and the oppression of women. It is her desire that women from all walks of life find hope, courage & inspiration in her messaging products.

Provocative, Sassy and Whimsical Illustrations & Cartoons speak to the themes of freedom from oppression, having a voice, dreams, justice, peace, love… and living life to the fullest.

ADVOCATE: Supporting a woman’s (and girl’s) basic human right to life and liberty; to live with dignity and purpose, free from fear and oppression.

EMPOWER: Inspiring and empowering women to find their voice, to see their destiny, to embrace hope and to understand that in doing so for themselves, they do it for the next generation.

REFORM: Challenging women to change the way they think about their own worth; and, society’s view of justice & the value of women everywhere.

You may also want to visit my Breast Cancer Awareness store on Zazzle, PinkPassion for Life™ at: pinkpassionforlife.

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