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I’ve been painting and creating from the very beginning. Living in a military family, we didn’t have much and didn’t keep much in the many transfers to other bases. Garage sales and thrift stores were my best friends and the perfect venue for upcycling, long before the term was recently popularized and also served as a nice “savings account” for the next move. My self taught skills allowed me to move into the professional spectrum, serving as a graphic designer, forensic artist and free lance fine artist. I now own Foole’s Dream Studio in the NOTO Arts District of Topeka, KS. It features antiques, fine art and hand painted, upcycled furniture, demonstrating that art is definitely a thing to live with. The advent of the internet and Zazzle merchandise has brought another exciting opportunity to use my design concepts and to share with those that would enjoy my Foole-ishness. When it comes to painting, I believe no surface is sacred. Walls, dishes, clothing, I want to flood the home with art. I’ve even hand painted my van, the Foolemobile.

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